Media Training

We deliver powerful media training workshops that prepare spokespersons for media interviews, including these components:

  • Training Needs Assessment – We begin our media training by assessing the media experience level of workshop participants so we can tailor our training to their specific needs.
  • Message Development – We demonstrate how to develop and deliver core messages in all types of media interview situations.
  • Fielding Media Calls – This covers how to handle incoming media calls, identify the porter’s agenda, and determine the appropriate response strategy.
  • Preparing for Interviews – We review the steps needed to properly prepare for media interviews, including online research, anticipation of tough questions, integration of messages into potential answers, and more.
  • Conducting Interviews – We coach participants on how to handle themselves during interviews, how to deliver messages to provide the best opportunity for positive coverage, use of anecdotes and analogies, bridging techniques to respond to unwanted questions with positive message points, dealing with hostile reporters, and more.
  • Interview Follow-Up – This includes the steps participants should take to follow up on interviews, including providing necessary information, how and when to inquire about media coverage, and other things to do (and not to do) after the interview.
  • Mock Interviews – We conduct mock interviews using scenarios developed in advance. We will play back each interview and conduct evaluations of participant performance, including advice for improvement.

We also provide a media tip sheet for future use.